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Last Bull In - Bye Week

Yep we are going to do the show. But you are coming with us! Read below!

The boys from Bull Run, Tim, Conrad, Matt, and hosted by David will be live Wednesday night at 11:30 PM.  This week is the Bye Week episode.  Not sure if the Bye Week is a great or terrible thing for this squad.

Of course we will be talking about the EMU game but I need your help.  As the one who creates the agenda for the show, after we talk about EMU and look around the MAC, I am out of energy and ideas.  Here is where you come in.  I am asking for you to do my job.  In the comments section, can you please leave questions you want answered and addressed as well as show ideas.

You get to hear from us throughout the week and on LBI, we want to hear from you.   Just to let you know, if this show stinks, it is because of you!  No pressure.