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UB Versus: Licata and Taylor

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

This week I looked at First and Last.

Comparing Licata game by game to Drew Willy made one thing clear, "Young" Licata was much better than young Willy. When comparing early BO to early Taylor, BO's 20XX discounts how good he was.

This week I added a new component, Drew Willy's final 23 games, and the UB RBs' final carries.

First where it counts, Licata has the edge, 14-9 through 23 starts vs Willy's 5-18 in his first 23 starts, and 12-11 in his final 23 starts.

To the charts:

All three charts show that Licata in his career has performed at end of career Willy levels. The question now is will Licata plateau, or will he set a new QB standard?

Taylor has almost identical numbers to BO's final 245 carries as a Bull. A testament to the offensive line as well as the work of Taylor. UB's toughest run defense yet to face is Akron, who is only allowing 3.86 yards per carry. Today UB faces an EMU team that is 119 in average yard per carry, so look for Taylor to have another big day. I project that Anthone Taylor will finish with 321 carries for 1540 yards, both new UB records. I also project that current #6 runner in the nation Anthone Taylor will be #2 at the end of the day.

End of the day, since mid 2012, UB has enjoyed some of the best Quarterback and Running Back play in history. UB has a decent 14-9 record, but this offense needs to take UB to the next level. Their first step, dominating a struggling EMU defense.