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Eastern Michigan Media on the Eagles' Matchup with Buffalo

Take a look at what Eastern Michigan media is saying about tomorrow's game with the Bulls. (It's not a lot.)

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I now understand why EagleTotem came to exist and have a greater appreciation for Carter, because no one is writing about this game. There's barely even anything from EMU's own student newspaper, the Eastern Echo. Though I shouldn't complain too much about student newspaper writing.

Anyway, it's pretty bleak, Norfolk State-level stuff for this week's Behind Enemy Lines. At least Norfolk was recognized by their hometown newspapers.

Start off with a summer piece from Eagle Totem, who knows more about UB than most people at UB:

2014 Know Your Foe: Buffalo Bulls - Eagle Totem

Eastern Echo did produce a preview, along with one from Alex Alvarado from Hustle Belt, who also looked this week into EMU at the season's midpoint, which helps put this game into perspective, I think. There's also one more from Jeremy at Eagle Totem, which I caught and then forgot to include here initially.

What We've Learned About Eastern Michigan Eagles Football - Hustle Belt
The more we know, the more we don't know. Most of this is not Creighton's fault, you'd agree?

Eagles look to impress homecoming crowd with first conference win of 2014 - The Eastern Echo
Eastern Michigan University football coach Chris Creighton had high expectations for his team going into Mid-American Conference play. He said despite the team’s lack of punch in the second half of Saturday’s 31-6 loss to the Akron University Zips, all is not lost.

Buffalo Bulls vs. Eastern Michigan Eagles Football Preview - Hustle Belt
The Eagles somehow weaseled their way out of punching in at The Factory in over a month. Welp, time to get your hard hats on.

EMU vs. State University of New York at Buffalo Preview - Eagle Totem Eagle Totem

Finally, your usual links from the official Athletics site:

EMU Game Notes: Buffalo

The Official Website of Eastern Michigan Athletics - Football Has a Homecoming Date with Buffalo

Happy reading and Go Bulls!