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Bull Run Users Awards 2013

Here's to you, Bulls fan in front of their computer or phone. Thanks for a great year!

Jay logging into Bull Run as his Flames take the Ice!
Jay logging into Bull Run as his Flames take the Ice!
Bruce Bennett

The year 2013 was the best year ever for Bull Run for traffic and you are the ones I personally would like to thank.  The Bulls are comprised of a very tight passionate fan base that we all hope grows leaps and bounds.   I personally think it had entirely to do with content and the wonderful Pick 'Em Game as opposed to the on field product, change in marketing, interest in multiple sports beyond football, and etc. (joking of course!)

Today I am proud to present the tops in Fan Post, Fan Shots, and most comments posted in 2013 on Bull Run.  If you do or do not see your name, thank you for all that you contribute.    I also look forward to 2014 Bull Run!

Awards for Bull Run

Most Fan Posts



NY Starter

Most Fan Shots


Taw Jackson

Most Comments

CTBullsfan 844
D.C.A. 682
ubbulls08 522
dbburns 474
UB_DropOut 434
BRJ75 397

The "loud mouth" or as some call editors of BCBull, Bull Trojn, Branded Bull, and Tim Riordan numbers are not included.