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NCAA Recruiting Buffalo Bulls Skylar Hartley

With Permisssion Skyler Hartley
With Permisssion Skyler Hartley

One of the areas of greatest depth Buffalo has is the offensive line, but it's not always been that way.

A paper thin depth chart was the undoing of the 2010 team. Buffalo lost their best lineman in the third game of the season which put the teams offense into a tail spin which just seemed to grow worse with every passing week. The same situation occurred this past season and while there was some adjusting on the line the team did not fall apart.

Next year the team returns the entire line which started the back half of UB's games. Jeff Quinn's background as an offensive line coach has finally produced a line which does not seem to be overly weighted towards any one class.

This year, so far, the Bulls have pulled in three linemen the first of whom was Skyler.

Hartley is listed by 247 as a Guard and scouting Ohio as a center. His measureables include a 365 bench, 445 squad, and respectable 5.26 40 yard dash. Given his size, and the multiple positions he has played it's hard to see a spot where the 6'2" Hilliard Bradley lineman can not be used in the UB line should the need arise. Hartley told Bull Run that his favorite position on the offensive line is the guard.

Recruited by Coach Marty Spieler, who in charge of Ohio. Hartley was "drawn to buffalo immediately in the recruiting process because of the sense of  family" that he felt while on hist first visit.

First on Hartley's list at Buffalo will be work with the schools strength and conditioning coach. His frame currently supports 300 pounds but he believes that his freshman focus should start with "losing some body fat and building his weight back up with lean muscle"

He will have his chance but the recent departure of Coach Zach Duval means he will be working with a whole new strength and conditioning coach.

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