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Do McCrea's big games put the rest of the team to sleep?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Year Opponent McCrea Result
2011 vs Kent 28 Loss
2011 at Iona 28 Loss
2012 vs YSU 29 Win
2012 at Temple 28 Loss
2013 at Milwaukee 31 Win
2013 vs Kent 33 Loss
2013 at Kent 32 Loss
2013 vs Akron 26 Win
2014 at Niagara 31 Loss
2014 at BSU 28 Loss

No less than ten times Javon McCrea has put up 28 or more points and the Bulls are just 3-7 in those games.

That includes last nights loss to seemingly moribund Ball State. Before last night the Cardinals had just a single division one win this season. They have not been near competitive in MAC games and it should have been a cake walk.

McCrea scored 28 points and looked at times to be unstoppable but at the same time Regan and Freelove go 1-12 from 3 while even Jarryn Skeete was throwing up ugly passes.

Buffalo was getting owned on the boards and just out hustled in general.

Not being a long time hoops fan I have to ask, is this normal?

How often do teams have that one stud who's best scoring games are typically tight losses?

Buffalo has been most effective when McCrea scores 15-20 points and controls the boards. In order for Javon to do that the Bulls need an outside shooting game and an overall better effort from their guards.