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What kind of UB Hockey Fan are you

Rick Stewart

When #21 Buffalo takes on #24 Syracuse Friday and Saturday the NECHL title is in the balance. Students get into the Northtown Center in Amherst for free and it's five dollars for non students.

This weekends series between has something for you no matter what kind of fan you are but do you even know what kind of fan you are?

The Completely Obsessed Fan - "You are the lifeblood of any athletics program!"

The completely obsessed fan is one of those people who have been to nearly every UB Hockey home game during their time at UB, and afterwards. The breath Buffalo sports and Hockey is in their blood.

The strength of having obsessed fans is they turn out no matter how good or bad the team is though these fans do struggle in most other social settings.

If this is you then there is little motivation needed to show up this weekend. If, however, you do need a nudge to brave the cold consider that the season is winding down and there are only four UB home games left.

The Fair-weather Fan - "Everyone loves a winner, especially you!"

Fair weather fans turn out to want "their team" when they are winning games. This is by far the largest group of fans in the world of sports at all levels. Is your NFL team being blacked out at home? They must suck because otherwise the FWF's would turn out in droves.

The strength of fair weather fans is their seer numbers but the problem is that when they show up nobody really knows who the hell they are.

If this is you then you're in luck. Despite being a rather young team UB is in the hunt for the NECHL title and a trip to nationals. Should the Bulls sweep this weekend all that stands between them and the championship are a few of the mid tier NECHL clubs.

The Know-It-All Fan - "This game would be great if anyone knew what they were doing"

Like and good know it all the "Know-it-all fan" cant help but correct people on even the slightest technicality. They take particular exception to Fair weather fans for being posers and obsessed fans for being Kool aide drinkers.

The good news for Know it all fans is that UB home games are broadcast on WRUB which means when someone screws up a stat or a call it there for all the world. Sure the gues from WRUB do a great job but unlike you they are human and make mistakes.

The Fans Who Think Your Team Sucks - "So let's beat those other guys at whatever it is they are doing."

These are not so much fans as they are "anti-fans". They show up mainly because they hate whatever team you are playing that week. This can be a subset of the obsessed fans but there are some people who have more hate for the foes than they do love for the home team.

Good news haters.... Were playing SUx and few teams in the NECHL are as easy to hate as SUx **COUGH** Cry-agra **COUGH**. So come out with your best anti SUx chant.

The Attention Seekers - "Look at me look at me!"

The attention seekers come dressed to impress and they will never fail to let you know when it's time to "Shoot the Puck". They are loud both their voices and cloths scream for attention.

Though attention seekers can be found in any category of fans they are also their own kingdom of fandom. If you want to find out if the fan you're talking to is a stand alone attention seeker or a member of another group ask them these question.

1 - Who's the Coach? If they don't know they are not a Dedicated fan
2 - What's a forecheck? If they do not know they are not a know it all fan
3 - Why should you love SUx? If they don't get angry and start screaming they are not haters

What does this game have to offer the true attention seeker? Well for starters these games are broadcast live on and I promise if you get a picture in your UB gear and tweet it to me @ubbullrun then I will have it up on the site posthaste.