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Buffalo Bulls Agreement with WGRZ

Full Agreement is here

Last month the University and WGRZ announced an agreement which would put UB Athletics front and center on the NBC-affiliated television station. The partnership kicked off with the  “UB Football All-Access Show” on December 14. From then on WGRZ will air 32 weekly television shows devoted to UB Athletics.

The contract calls for 32 coaches shows half coming from Bobby Hurley and half from Jeff Quinn. The shows will be produced by UB and delivered to Channel 2. In those shows WGRZ will get 6 minutes of advertising. By contract WGRZ will show the UB show at 7:30-8:00pm on Saturday and rerun it the next morning at 6:00am.

These same shows will be shown twice on the D2 network. Once at 8:00-9:30pm and the second time at 9:00 to (;30 pm. WGRZ will pick the days.

Buffalo is also obligated to produce two games for broadcast on WRGZ and 10 games on WGRZ-D2 (A digital sub channel of WGRZ). During each of these games WGRZ will get 15 minutes of advertising. Like the coaches programs the cost for production and the authority to pick the personnel lies in the hands of UB.

As part of the agreement UB will be purchasing advertising inventory from WGRZ. during 2013-2014 the amount is 32,000, which is followed in successive academic years by purchases of 6$5.000 and $70,000.

Deputy AD Allen Green signed off on the deal for Buffalo. I can only assume UB get's money by selling adds during the games outside of those slots given to WGRZ. If you know better how schools profit on this please use the comments to explain how this all works.

This along with the other media deals the school has obtained over the past year have greatly increased their presence throughout the Buffalo Niagara region and in the state as a whole.