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Last Bull In - 2013 Football Year in Review Show

Watch the team from Bull Run break down the 2013 football season. Thursday, 1/2/2013 at 11:30 est.

Happy New Year Bulls fans. I hope that you had great holidays. The last Last Bull In! Football Show in slated for Thursday night at 11:30 PM EST. On the docket will be for Last Bull In! 2013 Football Review Show is:

Season Recap highlighting all the games especially the Potato Bowl

UB Football Awards

UB players in the NFL Draft

Coaching Changes in Amherst and are more going to happen?

2014 Depth Chart & The Current Recruiting Class

Predictions for 2014 season Buffalo at Army, Baylor at home, & Norfolk State. The MAC East and who will likely be the MAC West opponents.

Shout Outs/Parting Shots

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