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NCAA Recruiting Zach Abey Switches his commitment to Navy

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

One of Buffalo's Quarterback Commitments, Zach Abey, has dropped his verbal to Buffalo after getting an offer from the Naval Academy.  Buffalo still has three quarterback verbals coming from Chris Merchant, J.R. Zazzara, and Kevin Rodgers. UB's class, as reported, stands at 19.

Abey has dreamed his whole life of playing for the Navy, and has close family in the service.

All of my live living near the Academy it's been a dream of mine to play for Navy. When they offered me It was something I couldn't pass up. And I look forward to having a military Career.

Losing a commit with his leadership and his skill set.

Abey worked out of a read-option offense. This past season he rushed for 1,653 yards and 19 touchdowns to lead the Cavaliers (8-3) to a 4-2 record in the A Conference. He also threw for 874 yards and 10 touchdowns. ON the defensive side Abey intercepted a team-high six passes and made 50 tackles.

It's a tough loss for Buffalo but you can't be upset at kid for entering one of the service Academy's. Congrats to Zach and good luck at Navy.