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2014 Buffalo Football Schedule Updates


Here is what we "knew" yesterday. I say "knew" because more info has come out and I put it in quotes because at this point nothing is set in stone. Things have changes at the last minute before and they can again.

With that out of the way..

As of yesterday 2014 Home games were Akron, Nolfolk, Baylor, and Miami and next years road games are Army, EMU, and Bowling Green.

Home Road
OOC Norfolk Army
Akron EMU
CMU Ohio

Now the rumors are a road game against Ohio, and a home game against Central Michigan.

Now six conference games are known and it's starting to look like maybe this year UB will get the full slate of MAC East teams.It's been a long time since the Bulls played everyone in the east so there is a lot of reason to think that it happens this year.

In the past three seasons Buffalo has played NIU twice, EMU twice, WMU twice, Ball State once, Toledo Twice but have not played Central Michigan. The Chips were a given this year.

In my opinion the only other MAC west team that might happen would be Ball State and the Cards already have Akron and Bowling Green on the docket, they also like to play Miami.

Schedules to watch? Well besides Buffalo keep an eye out for Kent, and UMass. That would be games against all of the other six MAC East teams.

UB Last played CMU in 2009 where the Chips knocked off the Bulls at home despite a valiant effort by Ike Nduka. The second before UB lost in Mount Pleasant when a last second A.J. Principe field goal hit the upright.

Ohio is a yearly, and should be mandatory match up. Both Schools do a good job protecting the home turf and it's as close to a rival fan base as UB has in the MAC. This past season the Bulls won a big game against the Cats on prime time television and started the tail spin that saw Ohio lose three of their last four games.