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What about the kids.....

With the news coming out that Jeff Quinn is in South Bend groveling for a job, let's talk about UB.

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When the news emanated out of Amherst that Jeff Quinn had been extended, I blew a gasket.  I could not understand how a coach with 9 victories and still time left on his contract could be extended.  It also did not help with the news delivery that the contract was finalized on the heels of squeaking past Stony Brook and after getting blown out by Baylor.  Even after the "magical" 2013 season I would still have strong negative feelings on extending Quinn's contracts after how the team performed at the end of the season.  If Quinn is to stay in Amherst and the 2014 season was a success then I could eat crow on the extension.  By success, without seeing the schedule for next season, a minimum of 6 games would be a success.  Possibly having two FCS games and Army UB could have four wins before MAC play.  I do not expect Buffalo to upset Baylor.

The Quinn apologists responded back to my disbelief over the contract extension with the argument that being a lame duck coach will kill any chance to recruit.  First of all, that is a complete farce. Secondly, I want to hear the Quinn camp now. What about the recruits that have committed to UB hearing the news that Quinn may be at Notre Dame.  My first phone call would be to Jeff Quinn asking if he can take me to Notre Dame.  When that answer is no, I can only assume that it is time to open the decision of what school to attend.

Looking at the news from Danny White's perspective, I have to assume that he has to be livid.  To put your neck out on the line with a contract extension for a coach who has achieved little to nothing and to find out he may be leaving, well he can't be happy. Or can he? As I stated half jokingly and half begging on Last Bull In that the best scenario for all involved would be Jeff Quinn leaving for Notre Dame.


1.  A million reasons.  Notre Dame to buy out Jeff Quinn's contract is around a million dollars.  That can only help to fill the coffers that Danny White is working so hard to fill.

2.  Jeff Quinn knows that 2014's talent cliff is severe and in 2014 all praise or criticism will be solely on his tenure.  This is finally his team.  He cannot use the excuse that Gill left the offensive line and QB position bare.  He cannot also be slighted that the stars and seniors of Mack, Neutz, Oliver, Johnson and bulk of defense was from Gill's tenure.   I have to believe that Quinn's very large ego has to have been knocked down a peg or two with the results he has achieved at UB. He can justify his departure that he had the best season in UB history or what I pulled off in Buffalo with the facilities is a miracle.  Both from the previous sentence are smoke and mirrors.  Can anyone really deny that the stars were in line for the run UB went on?  Yes they won Div. 1 football games against Div. 1 football players.  But the MAC could have one of the biggest disparity between the top four teams and the rest the MAC who was just plain awful.  UB did not beat a team last year that could have gone either way.  They beat the teams they should have beaten.  And with the talent that UB had on the field, should have won more games.   And yes, dammit find the money to build a field house.  This is getting to be a joke.

3.  The patience that a new hot head coach will have with the fan base will allow a 2014 rebuild year to be swallow-able.  Also, with Licata being a senior and hopefully wide receivers coming into the fold to hopefully achieve success will let a new coach have a strong second season under his belt.

I am not one usually for change.  I like consistency.  I know those are two things that are very rare in the coaching profession in any arena.  But now it is time for a change.  Danny White should be on the phone with Brian Kelly selling the hell out of Jeff Quinn to rejoin the band.  I also do not want to hear that UB can't find a good coach.  Warde found a great coach in Turner and pulled the hottest prospect with Quinn.  This is still a Div. 1 football program and making $250K in Buffalo lets you not worry about finances.

It is time for a new head coach in Amherst.   If I was Danny White, if Quinn does not get the job at Notre Dame, I think you fire him.  That could be a tough blow for Quinn that his best buddy did not hire him at Notre Dame and now he does not have his date that brought him to the dance to fall back on.  I do not want to be Quinn's seconds.  You do not want to be in Buffalo, I will pay your tolls for the I-90.