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Jeff Quinn Buzz Growing at Notre Dame

What seemed funny a few months ago seems.... Still kind of unlikely today

If you can all remember back to early December BC "The Face" Bull threw up this gem.

At the time some sites were speculating that Brian Kelly would look to hire Jeff Quinn at Notre Dame. The reasons are of course mainly related to the history shared between the two men.

Quinn was a member of Brian Kelly's Staff going all the way back to Grand Valley State. It took an FBS head coaching gig to pull Kelly's Offensive Coordinator away after 20 plus years. Even after leaving for Buffalo the two long time friends have stayed in touch. Kelly took a trip this summer to Buffalo to visit with Quinn and help put on a question and answer session for fans.

Outside of that history there is not a lot of reason to think that this story had legs. Few coaches would leave their own head coaching position to take up a role as an assistant. But Pete Sampson over at the Rivals site  Irish Illustrated is now hinting that he thinks that Quinn may be Kelly's first choice for the position. Even if Quinn is the target would he leave Buffalo?

Well the pay will be better at Notre Dame and Quinn would enjoy working with Kelly Again.

Quinn is also facing a talent cliff at Buffalo. With Branden Oliver, Alex Neutz, Khalil Mack, and Najja Johnson graduating this year the outlook next season is a bit bleak. The Bulls might take a step back from this years 8-5 mark.

Even with a step back next season Quinn is probably safe. Quinn's recent extension came before the team started winning to there is little question that Danny White is a fan of the Buffalo Coach.

The extension means that Notre Dame would have to pay out the remainder of Jeff Quinn contract. The would put a million plus dollars into the coffers at UB Athletics while the Bulls would be left looking for a head coach during the height of recruiting season.