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Jappy Oliver Joins the Staff at Virginia

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Editors Note - Nothing official has been released by either department but it is being reported by many News Outlets.

Jeff Quinn lost his second assistant coach of the offseason. Last month it was Quarterbacks coach Don Patterson saying goodbye to the Bulls for a spot at UConn. Now it's Jerome "Jappy" Oliver who will be moving on.

The defensive line coach is reportedly taking a position at Virginia  under Cavaliers coach Mike London.

Oliver was one of the original staff brought into Buffalo by Jeff Quinn in 2010. He was one of the few very experienced hands on deck having been an assistant college coach for more than 25 years. Before Buffalo Oliver was a Notre Dame defensive line coach from 2005 to 2008, Before that he had the same position with South Carolina and Air-Force.

Other schools that Oliver has worked for are Vanderbilt, Western Illinois, GVSU, Navy,  Northwestern, and Eastern Michigan.

Many of these teams had great success on their defensive line while Coach Oliver was at the helm. After parting ways with Oliver in 2009 the Irish line had a huge fall off in performance.

Several years ago when I asked Coach Oliver about being under a big time Microscope at Notre Dame he shrugged it off as being inconsequential to the game.

At ND you sometimes felt you were under a microscope but ball is ball, I don’t care where your coaching at. The results are the same you either Win or lose! - Jappy Oliver

UB is now looking for two coaches and a replacement for the heard of strength and conditioning who left for Wyoming.