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Bull Run Suggested Resolutions

The guys and I got together and figured out what we think the resolutions of certain folks in and around UB athletics should be. Some took it as a chance to practice their satire while others laid out what they really would like to see.

For my Part I will try to let stuff sit for a night before publishing. I leaned on the guys during Bowl season for proof editing and it was a ton of help.

Now onto our suggestions...

Danny White - White had himself one heck of a year. In addition to making waves with the New York Bulls Initiative he also turned over a lot of the coaching positions at Buffalo.

  • BC - fire the janitors. When have they last won a mac championship!
  • Mike - To stop inflating attendance numbers to 22k for every home game!
  • David - To get more cash & try to not fire as many coaches
  • Tim - Start sending fruit baskets to the local print media win an invitation to each press conference regarding facilities.

Jeff Quinn - Quinn, of course, got his extension on the books and had a pretty good football season.

  • Tim - Diversify the offense! You don't need to get complicated just make misdirection something we see more than once in a blue moon.
  • David - Schedule More fishing
  • BC - Focus more on the important things in life: fishing
  • Mike - Stop bringing up punt/kickoff game as the difference in a 30 point win

Bobby Hurley - Buffalo's new hoops coach turned a PR Disaster (The firing of Reggie Witherspoon) into a PR Coup.

  • David - To stop thinking "I am UB’s best option on the floor."
  • Mike - To stop crying every time UB is called for a foul
  • Tim - To practice Reggie Witherspoon mannerisms to east the transition
  • Matt - Institute year round "take your father to work day"

Felisha Legette-Jack - Buffalo's Womens hoop's coach is taking the team far further than it has gone in recent history.

  • Tim - Ignore the naysayers about anger management... Get MAD and use it wisely!
  • BC - anger management.
  • David - Have Syracuse get me out of Buffalo (editorial note - BAD DAVID! BAD!)
  • Mike - try to upgrade jobs as soon as possible (editorial note - BAD MIKE! BAD!)

The Buffalo News - My resolution regarding TBN is to appreciate what they do just a little bit more... To "Give the devil their due". They do good coverage of UB about four weeks a year and that's four more weeks of good coverage than TBN gave Buffalo 15 years ago. In the mean time.

  • David - Bucky Gleason – have ESPN to please call me please.  You saw me carry Sully on our show. 
  • BC - Bucky Gleason -  continue wasting my time on a bad Mike and Mike in the Morning ripoff
  • Tim - Bucky Gleason - Don't be afraid to source credit and *LINK* sites from which you find leads
  • BC - Mike Harrington: Stick to baseball.
  • David - Mike Harrington: To not feel inferior to
  • Tim - Mike Harrington: Try not to run down other sites on Twitter whilst claiming to be the only professional in the room.

So what's the resolution you would make for someone above? Or what is your own?