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Last Thoughts on Baylor... Why do we fall down?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Quinn: I wanted to look Respectable. I failed.
Alfred Pennyworth: Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.
Jeff Quinn: You still haven't given up on me?
Alfred Pennyworth: Never.

There is no way to talk around the epic failure that was UB's play on Saturday. The only positive on the whole day was Alex Neutz and the fact the Bears used the blowout as a chance to go deep into their depth charts, else it could have been even worse.

How Buffalo deals with this could be a program defining moment.

I suspect as the season goes some ranked teams will get "Baylored" and the Bears will contend for the Big12 title.In almost 30 years of watching football I've never seen a team that crisp and quick to the line, ever. And they did it with fewer miscues than a squad running at that pace could be forgiven for making.

Baylor is a beast, a highly underrated team that's going to shred a lot of the Big12 this season.

So should Buffalo manage to recover from this embarrassment and win eight or nine games they Baylor loss will sting a lot less this November. If, however, Buffalo continues to flounder the lingering stench of what happened Saturday will never fade.

What does a good team to do with this? They fix the negatives

  1. They run the defensive backs until the puke and then tackling drills until they throw up again.
  2. They rip the designed Joe Licata runs out of the play book.
  3. They find a way to make sure no team can completely scheme Khalil Mack out of the game.
  4. They go over blocking with the place kicking teams again and again.

In short they look at the bloody nose Baylor gave them as a life lesson, one which can help the Bulls be more competitive in the future, or it can be a reason to cash it in. It's up to the coaches and players to decide which way they go.

Buffalo's next series of foes include an FCS team (Stony Brook), three teams that just lost to FCS teams (UConn, WMU, and UMass), and then there is EMU. A Bulls team that gets it together could be 4-2 heading into week seven when they hit the meat of the conference schedule. One could argue if UB wants to go bowling they may have to be 5-2 at that point.

So what is UB going to do? Get up or Give up?

We will see starting Saturday!