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Bull Run MAC Power Rankings

Jamie Sabau
W2 Team Change Game Comment
1 NIU 0 Bye Nobody underneath them did enough this week to displace the Huskies.
2 BGSU 0 Win 41 - 22 at Kent While the margin of victory looks nice Kent showed that the Bowling Green defense may not be unbeatable in conference play
3 Ball State 0 Win 40 - 14 vs Army Wenning put up 235 yards and more than ten per attempt. NIU may be the odds on favorite but the Cards can beat anyone in the MAC.
4 Toledo 0 Loss 38 - 23 at Missouri Valiant Showing against a strong opponent for the second straight week. Into the 4th this was a game Toledo could have pulled off.
5 Kent 1 Loss 41 - 22 vs BGSU Kent looked great even without Archer in the first half. Reardon is the real think for the flashes and he's just a freshman.
6 Ohio 2 Win 27 - 21 vs N. Texas The Bobcats should not have needed to "hold on" versus North Texas. Still it was a nice bounce back from their disappointing performance in Week 1.
7 Buffalo -2 Loss 70 - 13 at Baylor They will not face a passing game like that again all season but so for in two games their secondary has been wholly unimpressive.
8 Miami 2 Loss 41 - 7 at Kentucky Miami has been outscored 93-21 in two games and while both opponents were respectable squad neither Marshall or Kentucky are top 25 teams
9 EMU 2 Loss 45 - 7 at Penn Sate EMU struggled in their cupcake game last week, and this week they struggled as a cupcake. Still CMU and WMU have given me reason to say they are the best Michigan School in the MAC
10 CMU -1 Win 24 - 21 vs New Hampshire One should not need to come back in the second half to beat an FCS team. Still it was a gutsy win for a team without QB Cody Kater and RB Zurlon Tipton
11 Akron 2 Win 35 - 33 vs JMU Score looks worse than it is given the fact Akron spotted JMU 13 points. Misson one for the Zips is to settle on a QB. If you have tow QB's you have no QB.
12 WMU -5 Loss 27 - 23 vs Nicholls Painful loss on what looked to be another come back win today. WMU out gained Nicholls, got more first downs, and fewer turnovers. But they were just 6-15 on third downs.
13 UMass -1 Loss 24 - 14 vs Maine Maine put up 500 yards of offense on the former conference mates. Today UMass looked like the cupcake, is the MAC still looking to expand?