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Three Goats - The Ohio State Game

The premise is simple: when we win, I praise our heroes, when we lose I criticize our goats. Take any praise in stride, lest we get a big head. Take any criticism with a grain of salt, this is how we learn.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Facing an impossible task, the #2 team in the nation, UB embarrassed themselves going down 23-0. Then UB outscored Ohio State 20-17 to redeem themselves. Who do I blame?

3) Jeff Quinn

Quinn on a big stage did nothing to show he was creative, innovative or effective as a game manager. Calling a timeout before going for it on 4th and 1 is bad, because UB should have exploited the element of surprise...calling a timeout gives OSU time to make subs and to coach up their players about not jumping offsides.

To then get a delay of game, is just embarrassing.

Quinn only shows up at #3, because the team rallied back after the initial failure...time will tell if that was a result of heart, toughness, and coaching, or Ohio State taking their foot off the gas.

2) Lou Tepper

If we didn't have Khalil Mack, what would we do on defense? Every time we rush 3 and leave 8 in coverage on 3rd down, I die a little bit. If Tepper gets another year I will die.

1) The Receivers

Ron Willoughby, John Dunmore, Marcus McGill, Fred Lee, Cordero Dixon, and Natey Adjei all played and combined for 1 catch for 8 yards courtesy of John Dunmore. With Neutz, BO and tight ends Schreck and Weiser breaking out, the glaring weakness continues to be #2 and #3 Wide Receiver. If none of these guys can beat single coverage to get open, I say bench them all and play in a power formation with two or three tight ends and Neutz as the lone Wideout.