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Morning Links

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Great fanpost from BC that I missed until yesterday

Football is Back: Thursday - Bull Run
Alright, so it's not really a liveblog, but I kept a journal of Thursday, the first day of meaningful football since the Super Bowl, when my roommates must have conspired to talk about Beyonce through the whole game and switch channels during the commercials. I think Bill Simmons does something like this sometimes, but I don't read him because he's a small-market hating prick. I had the idea for a Fanshot, and here we go.

Hopefully BC lets us peek in his diary again this season...

Let's take the focus off what was, Ohio State, and throw it onto what's coming up...


Buffalo-Baylor Preview - Yahoo! Sports
"Buffalo brings a lot of sleek bodies that can run, guys that have been on a little bit bigger stages week in and week out than maybe our previous opponent," Briles said.

Looking Ahead to UConn

Willie Taggart's USF bus makes stop in Bottom 10 - ESPN
"Much Ado About Nothing": The Huskies are starving for relevancy and didn't help themselves by losing to FCS foe Towson 33-18 at home on Thursday night. And they couldn't figure out why the ACC didn't want them. U-Can't gets an off week before playing at Maryland on Sept. 14.

And lets look at hoops

MAC Releases Basketball Conference Schedule - Hustle Belt
The big change from last season is that the each school will now have eighteen conference games, instead of the normal sixteen. The MAC office has really tried to improve the conference schedule in the recent years, going from five division, six non-division, then five division games to mixing those games up a little last season. Now, division teams will still play each other twice, but there will be two extra non-division games added to the schedule.

A serious look at the problem of teams "slowing down" fast paced offenses by any mean necessary.

Real or fake? With college football injuries, hard to say
Last Saturday, fans at California Memorial Stadium suspected Northwestern's defensive players were feigning injury in order to slow down Cal's newly installed uptempo offense. They loudly registered their displeasure, creating a delicious irony for anyone with a decent short-term memory. Three seasons earlier, when Chip Kelly brought his supersonic offense to Memorial Stadium, the Bears flopped – and they were very bad actors. A sizable contingent of Oregon fans who'd made the trip booed. And a few weeks later, Cal suspended defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi, who admitted he had instructed players to go down in order to slow down the Ducks.