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Buffalo Bulls Historical Games - Buffalo Bulls in Texas

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This week marks the third time that the Buffalo bulls have played a game in the state of Texas. Yesterday we touched on the last game against Baylor. But before UB took on the Bears they had already "Messed with Texas" and walked away winners when Turner Gill's 2009 Bulls walked into the Sun Bowl and beat UTEP.

It was supposed to be a game in which a veteran UTEP team got their revenge against a UB team that humiliated them in New York the previous year. The Bulls were breaking in a Zach Maynard and had lost James Starks to injury just a few days before kickoff. UB also had 3 new offensive linemen, and was playing in the Texas heat for the first time in school history.

Buffalo scratched out outa 23-17 win on the legs of Brandon Thermilius (79 yards), an effective Maynard to Roosevelt connection and a safety after UTEP recovered a fumble in its own end zone.

At the time it looked like Buffalo was on its way to competing for their third straight division title and perhaps a second straight Bowl game. Instead UB would win just four more games in 2009 and sit home with a 5-7 record. At the end of the season Turner Gill would be hired away to Kansas of the Big-12 conference, Jeff Quinn would inherit the Buffalo program and winnable out of conference road games would once again become a pipe dream.

Despite the fact 2009 did not end well at least UB found out they can mess with Texas and come away a winner.