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Mid American Conference Basketball Schedule Released

Hope you like dogs and Chicago

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Date Road Home
Wed, January 8th Northern Illinois Buffalo
Sat, January 11th Eastern Michigan Buffalo
Wed, January 15th Buffalo Toledo
Sat, January 18th Kent State Buffalo
Thu, January 23rd Buffalo Ball State
Sat, January 25th Buffalo Northern Illinois
Wed, January 29th Western Michigan Buffalo
Sun, February 2nd Buffalo Bowling Green
Wed, February 5th Ball State Buffalo
Sat, February 8th Buffalo Central Michigan
Wed, February 12th Buffalo Miami
Sat, February 15th Ohio Buffalo
Wed, February 19th Akron Buffalo
Sat, February 22nd Buffalo Kent State
Wed, February 26th Buffalo Ohio
Saturday, March 1st Miami Buffalo
Tuesday, March 4th Buffalo Akron
Saturday, March 8th Bowling Green Buffalo

The MAC front office released the 2013 conference basketball Schedule today and the new 18 game format means some changes to the way we look at hoops MACtion.

Buffalo will play NIU and Ball State from the group formerly known as the Western Division twice.

I like the most to 18 games and I even like the fact the MAC is moving away from divisions (They are still there but eventually, hopefully, they will be gone). I also appreciate the fact that scheduling in anything with uneven numbers is difficult but that being said.

What are you thinking MAC!

Buffalo does not get UMass this year as part of their football only membership and then our doubled up games against the western teams are against the two teams furthest away from us?

Would it have killed you to give us two against EMU, or Toledo, or even CMU?

Buffalo and NIU already "enjoy" the most burdensome travel in the conference. Yes I understand somebody has to be furthest east or west but would it have killed you to give those teams their double up games against someone in the same timezone?

And if you can't throw us that bone you should have given us UMass who is closer to UB and to population centers where Buffalo has a ton of alumni.