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Getting your moneys worth?

Now the the Quinn extention is signed and the bye week is over we are close to putting the issue to the side until the season is over. Before we to though here is Quinn by the numbers.


Category 2010 2011 2012 2013 Avg
Team Record 2-10 3-9 4-8 1-2 3-9
Rushing Offense 101 61 47 112 80
Passing Offense 89 76 95 68 82
Total Offense 111 81 83 110 96
Scoring Offense 120 97 99 100 104
Rushing Defense 67 86 56 116 81
Pass Eff Defense 42 101 48 120 78
Total Defense 32 63 37 122 64
Scoring Defense 67 83 69 121 85
Net Punting 111 97 118 96 106
Punt Returns 8 98 99 110 79
Kickoff Returns 109 102 104 122 109
Turnover Margin 105 78 95 68 87
Pass Defense 18 36 31 118 51
Passing Efficiency 120 104 101 86 103

Editorial Note: When the Quinn contract was released last Friday I misread the buyout terms to be one lump sum payment that decreases. In point of fact it is an annual salary which decreased minus any coaching income Quinn picks up after the fact.

Jeff Quinn may have been the worst hire Warde Manuel ever made as a coach. An up until late last season Danny white could take shelter in Warde's shadow on the Quinn hire because "The previous AD did it".

That ended with the extension. Now lets take a step back and look at the performance of Buffalo under what amounts to Danny Whites new hire.

Nationally our offense has averaged out as the 104th most productive offense and the 85th most stingy defense. The best aspect of Buffalo's game has been a passing defense that has averaged 51st in the nation.

Now instead of this being a make or break season for the Buffalo coach it's another in a series of "building something years".

UB will lose Khalil Mack, Alex Neutz, Brandon Oliver, Colby Way, Najja Johnson, and a host of key players to graduation this seasons and this team is "building towards something".

His national numbers hint at an ugly set of win loss splits.

In three plus years Quinn has amassed just 10 wins against 29 losses, when games against championship subdivision teams are removed that record drops to six wins and 29 losses.

Against FBS teams not in the Mid American Conference Quinn is 0 for 11 with 10 of those losses coming to teams in AQ conferences and the other to UCF. Within the conference Quinn is 6-18 and is being outscored by 11 points per game.

Without the extension it would have cost 375,000 dollars to release Quinn after this season and nothing to release him after 2014. With the extension the cost to let the Buffalo Coach jumps up to 900,000 over the next our years if he is fired today and 525,000 (over the course of three seasons) if he is let go after this season.

These numbers of course go way down if the long time offensive coordinator finds another coaching job somewhere. Most coordinators in the power conferences will make more than the 275K required for Quinn's 2014 buyout. Even at the mid major level Quinn will likely make more than half of the buyout amount.

For example, when Wisconson won the Rose Bowl and lost their coaching staff the Badgers paid a hefty $225,000 per year to neail down Mike Markuson.

Other than causing a lot of distress among the Buffalo fan base, who see this as an acceptance of mediocrity, the Jeff Quinn extension could be seen as a low risk high reward situation for Danny White. White has locked up a coach he may believe can succeed until 2018 while at the same time making the cost of a buyout something the department can absorb in the event Quinn is unable to succeed so long as the UB coach can find a job after Buffalo.