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Buffalo vs Stony Brook: Q1

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo's offense: 23 plays, 72 yards.

Run plays: 7 for 20 yards

Leading rushers:

Potts: 1 for 11

Taylor: 5 for 9

Dennison: 1 for 0

Pass plays: 16 for 52 yards

Licata: 9 for 16 (56%) for 52 yards

Leading receivers:

Neutz: 6 targets, 3 receptions for 10 yards, 1 PI drawn

Lee: 5 targets, 4 receptions for 36 yards

Hughes: 2 targets 1 reception for -2 yards

Schreck: 2 targets

Weiser: 1 target, 1 reception for 8 yards

Buffalo Miscues:

1 catchable missed throw, and 1 uncatchable missed throw.

2 almost interceptions

1 dropped pass (Schreck)


Shotgun: 8 plays, 29 yards

Pistol: 9 plays, 36 yards

I-formation: 4 plays, 7 yards

Alleycat: 1 play, 0 yards

Bubble Screen

2 targets, 2 receptions for 2 yards

Pass Type

Short Left: 4 targets, 4 receptions for 11 yards

Short Middle: 1 target, 1 reception for 8 yards

Short Right: 4 targets, 3 receptions for 14 yards

Deep Left 2 targets, 0 receptions, 1 flag drawn

Deep Middle: 1 target, 0 receptions

Deep Right: 3 targets, 1 reception for 19 yards

PA Pass v. Run

Before PA Pass #1:

3 runs for 7 yards

Streak of plays before PA Pass #1: 1 run

Result: Incomplete, almost intercepted

Before PA Pass #2

3 runs for 7 yards

Steak of plays before PA Pass #2: 5 passes

Result: dump to Neutz for loss of 2 yards.

Read Option vs. QB scramble

Read Option plays: 1, Taylor carry for 2 yards.

Licata Keeper on Read Option: 0

One Run Direction, but seriously there is only one direction to run and it's left.

Right: 2 carries for 4 yards (Taylor)

Middle: 3 carries for 2 yards (Taylor (2) & Dennison)

Left: 2 carries for 14 yards (Taylor (3), Potts (11))

Buffalo's Defense: 13 plays, 67 yards, 1 INT

Run plays: 7 for 25 yards

Leading rushers:

Coker: 7 for 25

Pass plays: 6 for 42 yards and 1 INT

Negron: 4 of 6 for 42 yards and an INT (66%)

Directional Defense:

Left: 2 plays for 15 yards

Run: 1 for 3 yards

Pass: 1-1 for 12 yards

Middle 7 plays for 17 yards

Run: 5 for 17

Pass: 2 for 0 and an INT

Right: 4 plays for 35 yards

Run: 1 for 5 yards

Pass: 3-3 for 30 yards

PA Pass v. Run

4 PA passes, 3-4 for 36 yards.

Mack Watch:

Showed his Bull rush vs OSU, in the 1st showed his swim move repeatedly getting underneath the tackle cleanly. Mack pressured the QB twice, with one leading to an interception. Mack also met Coker in the backfield twice, notching another tackle for a loss.

10-15 yard zone:

Stony went 3 for 4 for 36 yards in the 10-15 yard zone. The only miss was a drop. One was thrown left, two right and the dropped pass was on a drag route over the middle.

Buffalo 3 - Stony Brook 0



Strategy: Pound the ball with BO and then open it up with Neutz deep downfield.

What went wrong: BO is sidelined, Neutz a focus of Stony Brook's defense

What went right: Lee stepped up and had a great first half.


Strategy: Stop Coker with traditional 3-4 front and zone coverage. SB doesn't stretch teams out, so no need for creative gameplanning on defense.

What went wrong: Stony play action passed, the zone has a hole in it 10-12 yards downfield

What went right: Khalil Mack had another impressive quarter, causing an INT, hurrying the QB and making two big hits on Coker the LB..

After 1 quarter adjustments:

1) Cover 2, bump the wideouts giving Mack more time to get to the QB because he's been close. After releasing, the corners need to zone drop to 8-10 yards to take away the easy 12 yard reception. Also keep sending Mack as his pressure led to an interception.

2) Remove PA pass and read option from the playbook and give Potts more carries running left.

3) Stony is keying on Neutz downfield, use Neutz in the short passing game, (but not bubble screens) and target Lee downfield in the area's vacated by defenders marking Neutz.