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Bull Run MAC Power Rankings - Now with Tiers

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot of oh so close wins for the MAC tonight that did not materialize but rather than worry about how Miami let Cincinnati off the hook we can look at the conference games and the fact NIU looked very human tonight.

W4 Team Tier Change Game Comment
1 NIU 1 0 W 43-39 vs EIU Guess who looks very human now? EIU just provided every MAC coach in the conference with a bunch of game film to plan their strategy against the Huskies. After all EIU put up almost 600 yards
2 Ball State 0 W 51-20 at EMU Card fans were happy to see Jahwan Edwards, Eastern Michigan was not so thrilled. The BSU Offense is one of the most balanced in the conference
3 Toledo 0 W 38-17 at CMU Fluellen will be getting NFL looks this spring if he keeps up this level of play. Flu's nearly 200 yards running against a CMU team intent on turning over made for a big Toledo win.
4 Ohio 0 W 38-0 vs Austin Peay Ohio did what good teams do to FCS challengers, destroyed them. Tyler Tettleton's 212 yards does not jump off the page but going 13/15 and throwing three touchdowns is a great days work.
5 BGSU 2 0 W 48-7 vs Murray State Bounced back well after last weeks shellacking against Indiana. If If Green and Johnson can bring that level of play back into conference play Bowling Green will be hard to beat.
6 Buffalo 3 1 Bye This week UB fans had no complaints about what they saw on the field. The bye and contract news had Buffalo fans instead spend the day lamenting Quinn's extension.
7 Kent -1 L 34-0 at Penn State Kent stayed titillatingly close through most of the first three quarters but the offense is not the same without Dri Archer. Their defense may keep them in a lot of games until the offense figures out how to score.
8 Miami 4 1 L 14-0 vs Cincinnati Miami's Special teams played fantastically against the bear cats. The defense was respectable and then there was the Offense, which had totaled less than 100 yards going into the 4th. The RedHawks pass blocking was terrible.
9 Akron 1 L 35-30 vs ULL Give Akron their due, the Zips played a pretty solid game and almost snapped a very painful losing streak. Between almost beating Michigan and this weeks game the Zips look like they might win some games this year.
10 CMU 1 L 38-17 vs Toledo Good first half against the Rockets but just like EMU the Chips proved once again a 4-1 turnover deficit is a great way to lose a ball game.
11 WMU 5 1 L 59-3 at Iowa The Western Michigan defense that held up against Michigan State was nowhere to be found moving PJ Fleck's squad to 0-3… Abandon ship?
12 EMU -4 L 51-20 vs Ball State The Eagles have a habit of scoring first and then disappearing for awhile. Tday they matched BSU 1st for 1st and yard for yard but 4 turnovers is Eagle football.
13 UMass 0 L 24-7 vs Vandy Sixteen thousand fans showed up to see Umass host an SEC team and then take Vanderbilt into half time trailing just 10-7. It wsa a clean game for Umass maybe a step forward despite the loss.