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Where are they now, Former Buffalo Bulls Head Coach Jim Hofher

One of UB's less successful coaches on the Field Hofher was putting the tools in place for Turner Gills run.

Through the first part of the last decade Jim Hofher led UB to a record of eight wins and 49 losses, including just five conference wins and a spattering of losses to FCS teams. It was not UB's best moment but the challenges faced by Hofher's Bulls eclipse anything the team has to deal with today.

Back before Warde Manuel took over the program Hofher worked for a department which was trying to skate by with some of hte lowest spending in the conference. Everything was done on the cheap and Hofher who came to Buffalo after being a Quarterbacks coach at North Carolina had to sell that to recruits.

Who were some of the recruits that hofher brought in? Well Trevor Scott is on the Roster at Tampa Bay, Drew Willy is plaing for the Roughrides in Canada, James Starks was in the process in Buffalo when Hofher was dismissed (to turner Gills credit he closed the deal on Starks). Most of our vaunted defensive secondary of 2008 were almost all signed on Jim Hofher's watch.

After leaving Buffalo hoher found a job at Bowling Green, on the team that Buffalo defeated to win the Mid American Conference. When the Bulls came back to beat the Falcons in overtime it was Hofher's players making the difference.

The fallout from that game, an hilariously bad post game press conference by Greg Brandon, meant that the Falcons dumped their coaching staff. He quicky got a job as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Delaware. He tenure there included helping the Blue Hens to an appearance in the 2010 FCS National Championship game.

Over the off season he was hired by Nevada. At Nevada, Hofher will serve as the team's assistant head coach and will guide the team's wide receivers. The Wolf Pack returns all three starters in the receiving corps in 2013, including senior All Mountain West performer Brandon Wimberly, who received a sixth season of eligibility due to medical hardship to return this year.