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MAC Blogger Roundtable - Surviving the bye

Lets go Rockets is up and despite the fact this is supposed to be Bull Run's week off we can't help ourselves...

1. Heading into the fourth week of the season, the MAC has two more conference games on the schedule. What do you expect to change as the games start to shift to familiar foes?

If history hold true were going to see someone in the east few have been talking about start to soar. For the most part the MAC east champs each of the past five or so years have come out of left field. So look for Buffalo or Akron or Miami to make some kind of move. Maybe not the division champs but surly one of them is going to surprise.

I know we all chuckle at that but who saw Kent finishing the regular season ranked and on top of the east after week three last season?

In the West we will see who is for real, Toledo or Ball State. We will also find out pretty quickly if Ron English has a Job next season with EMU.

2. What has been the most surprising or troubling aspect of your team’s performance through three weeks of the season?

I was going to say the play of our defensive backs who have made every Quarterback who faced them look fantastic but that I blame on coaching.

Buffalo talent wise is no slouch but our coaches are so locked into their own ideas of what they want to do that they refuse to scheme around our opponents. Baylor likes to stack the Box and force teams to try and go punch for punch with them, and UB has a lot of early success chucking the ball to Neutz.

So whats the obvious thing to do? Bring in Zordich who cant throw the long ball and play read option <insert sad trombone sound here>. Buffalo was going to get torched by they could have put up 30 or so points on Baylor if they played the team rathern than the coaches scheme.

They also don't use players in a way that hgihlights their strengths. When I see Licata running the ball or Khalil Mack in coverage rather than skinning a quarterback I get upset.

3. While football is a team game, sometimes an individual’s contribution can be paramount to the success or contribute to the failure of the team. Who has had the most impact (positively or negatively) for your team?

All evidence points to Branden Oliver. Last season when Oliver went down so did UB's performance and this year Buffalo has yet to materialize any kind of ground game without Bo.