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Bull Run MAC Power Rankings

Mike McGinnis

What do you do with a week like this?

With the exception of the Ohio and Maybe the Toledo win none of the MAC win's were impressive in form or function and some of the losses were devastating.

W3 Team Change Game Comment
1 NIU 0 W 45-35 at Idaho Beginning our day of massive disappointment was NIU. Yea you won but does it bode well Idaho was up on you at the half?
2 Ball State 1 L 34-27 at North Texas Disappointment #2 Ball State who went up 20-3 in the first quarter on North Texas. They were then outscored 7-31 during the rest of the night.
3 Toledo 1 W 33-21 vs E Washington Toledo's win could be viewed as a Quality win given what Eastern Washington did in Week one.
4 Ohio 2 W 34-21 vs Marshall It took four Marshall Turnovers but the Cat's notched one of the conferences best wins this week. If you have to win a close game do against a team you hate.
5 BGSU -3 L 42-10 at Indiana So can we stop the "Bowling Green may go undefeated" talk now? The Falcons have looked very human the past two weeks and the East looks a lot more open than I thought.
6 Kent -1 L 45-13 at LSU It's hard to fault Kent for this loss and they would have held their place in the rankings if not for the win by the Kittens.
7 Buffalo 0 W 26-23 vs Stony Brook As hard as it is to fault Kent for their loss it's even harder to *NOT* fault UB for their win. They hold position because of the poor showings below them but Quinn's seat is getting mighty hot.
8 EMU 1 W 28-10 at Rutgers EMU continues to be a pretty good first half football team. If Ron English could get 60 minutes out of them they Might win a few.
9 Miami -1 Bye Miami Falls because EMU and Akron showed some promise today.
10 Akron 1 L 28-24 at Michigan First of all that was a crap pass interference call. Right now we should be talking about Akron shocking Michigan. That being said until the Zips can so something like this every week they won't go much higher.
11 CMU -1 L 31-21 at UNLV The UNLV game was really going the MAC's way, then the real Central Michigan showed up in the second half.
12 WMU 0 L 38-17 at Northwestern On the plus side WMU fans can say "If we played like that last week we beat Nicholls". Structurally the Bronco's have a lot of the pieces they need.
13 UMass 0 L 37-7 at Kansas St. Let's hope the check clears.