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Baylor Fan Observations

Matthew Holst

Every Baylor fan I met in Waco was polite, classy and great to talk to. In turn I was polite, conciliatory and grateful for their hospitality.

That said, F' Baylor on the internet.

You won a game 70-13, and the blog of the opposing team wrote an opinion piece about the tire fire of a performance his team displayed in front of his eyes, as they burned out of his sockets at 112 degrees.

You stop by to get the one thing you want, attention, respect, honor. I respect the team, I'll give you some attention, more than I should, but you're still just Baylor until you prove you are not (like by improving on your 0 BCS Bowl game appearances). I know losing to Iowa State last year gave you the impression you were one of the FBS elites, but Ohio State is an elite team.

You are blinded by that highlighter green you seem to wear now-a-days, so you say:

"We are better than Ohio State and you are a fool"

To each his own, but I think in a better question would have been why do you think Ohio State is better than Baylor. (Because I never actually explained that in my article, because was never about Ohio State or Baylor, it was about UB, hence the UB in

You take the bait:

"Why is Ohio State better than us?"

Defense, I'd respond. Teams like Baylor and Oregon can overcome a bad defense 95% of the time, but when they face a team with equivalent offensive power or a dominant defensive team, the games are much harder.

"But...but, but they beat UB by 20, WE beat UB by 57, therefore we are 37 points better than OSU."

Ah the good ole transitive property, well let's explore that:

Baylor scored 21 against Iowa State in 2012, therefore:

Tulsa (23), Texas Tech (24), TCU (23), Kansas State (27), Oklahoma State (31), Oklahoma (35), Texas (33), Kansas (23), WVU (31), and Tulsa again (31) had better offenses than Baylor in 2012.

That's Texas science, that's fact. Count it.

"How dare you dishonor the team that beat Buffalo and Wofford? How dare you question 2012's 113th ranked scoring defense."

You're right my bad.

If Baylor fans are capable of reading an entire article, and not just stopping at the point where they feel insulted, (they can't) read on for a few choice quotes.

Then why did UB fare so much better versus OSU? Well UB's strengths happened to align with Ohio State's weaknesses, while UB's weaknesses aligned with Baylor's strengths.

UB does not seem to adjust to their opponent

My point here was, while I think Ohio State is a better team, (which by the way is one man's opinion, and not a means to help me sleep at night cause seriously, I don't go to bed worried about Baylor) OSU attacked Khalil Mack and made him a difference maker. Baylor on the other hand made him a non-factor, hat tip to Baylor's coaches and a big strike on our coaches report card.

I later mentioned Alex Neutz, who turned 8 targets into 6 catches, 197 yards, a pass interference call drawn and a Interception. I compared it to the WVU game last year where Baylor allowed the guady numbers to continue throughout the game, and felt our gameplan played into Baylor's strengths. We ran the ball 15 times in the 1st quarter with no real success, our coaches needed to abandon the run until Baylor pulled men out of the box for a more favorable matchup.

If you wanted praise, that was it, Baylor is better than UB, in order to be competitive, UB had to make adjustments, they did not, and if they did, Briles and the Baylor team was at least 100-yards ahead of UB at every turn minus cornerback. This article was an attack on UB's gameplan and indirect praise of Baylor, so stop drowning yourselves in Dr. Pepper and take the compliment.

Sad article. Instead of writing something substantive about their team, they write "Which of the teams that beat us is better." - Some Baylor fan

Really dude? The article was 692 words long. I wrote 654 words about UB, and 38 words about the comparison between OSU and BU. Also I don't care about OSU and Baylor, the comparison was meant to explain how we could lose to OSU by only 20, and then lose to BU by 57, not to discuss which team should get an at-large bid to the BCS. I couldn't care less.

Don't care - Some Baylor fan #2

You sir are an intelligent fan and I will buy you wings if you make the trip to Buffalo, in the form of a gift certificate, I live in California and I've had my fill of traveling to watch the BUers kick the UBers teeth in.

I'm not going to get upset because some amateur blog contributor wants to suggest that his team's utter destruction in week 2 is somehow justified by a competitive performance in week 1 against a presumably better opponent... He still has to root for Buffalo for the rest of the season. - Some Baylor fan #3

Do you even read? I never suggested justification, I gave an interpretation of an event. I never justified it. Even if my point was so OSU is still better than BU, (which is true but wasn't my point,) how would that serve as evidence to justify a 70-13 loss, wouldn't losing by more to a weaker team make that loss even worse?

If i was justifying things, I would have said, "Don't worry that we lost by 57 to Baylor, I think at the end of the year, Baylor will be a top 5 team, no shame in that" I'm not saying Baylor won't be top 5 either, I think the defensive weakness will provide a challenge against top teams, and we shall see right?

Anyways with already more attention put on the rear view mirror than there should be, I'll end this by saying: I left Waco loving their offense and the job their coaches did and hating the job our coaches did. I felt we let Baylor do everything they wanted and/or Baylor took whatever they wanted, at this point same difference since we aren't playing again this year and are not in the same conference.

That said, I NOW hope every team Baylor faces drops 50+ and they finish 6-6. Go Sic' yourselves.