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Morning Links

Maybe Conrad is onto something.

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

New DC this early in the year?

Well this is one for funny timing. Conrad has been beating the Tepper drum pretty hard since last season and I have to be honest, it's a catchy beat. Maybe Tepper is not right for Buffalo's defense.

But I could not imagine firing your DC two games into the season... I mean *NOBODY* fires their DC this early in the year...

Wait... What...

Manny Diaz fired after BYU beatdown, Greg Robinson new DC - Burnt Orange Nation
After allowing a school-record 550 rushing yards on Saturday night, the Texas Longhorns ousted third-year defensive coordinator Manny Diaz on Sunday afternoon, according to a report from Chip Brown of Orangebloods, confirmed a short time later by Horns247 ($) and then Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman.

I have to learn to consider the things Conrad throws out there, no matter how reactionary they sound, as possible solutions. So now I suppose there is precedent to talk about this week on the "Last Bull In".

Cause the power conferences is where all the Money goes.

Report -- Oklahoma State Cowboys players got paid in Les Miles era - ESPN
At least eight former Oklahoma State football players say they received cash payments from people associated with the Cowboys' program starting in the Les Miles era and have identified another 29 players who also allegedly took money, Sports Illustrated reported Tuesday in the first of a five-part investigative series on the football program.

What Happens In Hawaii stays in Hawaii... sort of

Hawaii special teams coach suspended 1 game - Yahoo! Sports Canada
The conference said in a release Tuesday that Demarest is prohibited from coaching during Hawaii's next game Sept. 21 at Nevada. A conference official declined to give details, but the release says Demarest was suspended under a sportsmanship rule that governs obscene gestures and language toward other people during games.

All I could get out of Twitter was "Obscene Language and Gesture" Im guessing this is not what they meant.