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Late Hits by BrandedBull. Top ten takeaways from yesterdays game - Ohio State

Too lazy to watch the game or read any article. Then read the cliff-notes version of UB's contest against Ohio State.

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The Late Hit by Branded Bull

Ten thoughts on the UB vs OSU game.

1. 1. Sorry to start off with a negative but the delay of game penalty on fourth down while driving really drove me crazy.  I am not sure if they were going to go for it but the penalty killed any chance.  Line up quick and try to draw a young D offsides.  That was on coaching.   You can see that Quinn has learned the Kelly school of conversation when players do not execute on that play.  I am not a lip reader, and never been accused of being a choir boy, but I do not think those words would be used at Ma’s house at the dinner table.

2. 2. I am glad the punting game improved after that first kick.

3. 3. Neutz is all that was advertised.  Nine catches for 98 yards is a great day for any receiver but to achieve those results with no other wide receiver threat is impressive.  If Mack shot up draft boards, then I hope that Neutz is locked in on the NFL radar.  I will be watching to see if Licata and Neutz can hook up on longer throws.  I will give Licata the benefit of doubt that he was hurried but his deep balls did not look to have zip on them.

4. 4. How many players from UB will be invited to the combine?  I hope that Mack does not go.  I just want a UB player who knows he is too good for the combine and teams still line up to draft.  We know that if asked Mack will attend.  We know that Mack is just as strong off the field as on.  How does the interception rate on UB plays?  Does it take over first place and boot out the Temple Hail Mary?

5. 5. Will UB be the Patriots of last year?  (On the field that is.)  Brady used two tight ends to move the ball down the field, pick up first downs, and connected for a number of scores.  I did not see a WR, including Lee, step up to take any safety overlap off Neutz.  I like Schreck and Weiser and can be great targets for Licata.

6. 6. The return game.  Wow, UB cannot get little to nothing at all with kickoff and punt returns.  Where was Potts?  I totally disagreed with putting Neutz in like they did.  Still, Neutz had room to run when he did field the late punt.  That is a lack of reps.

7. 7. I love the UB Linebackers.  Want to key on Mack, go ahead.  Someone has to create great nicknames for Bean and Gilbo!

8. 8. The offensive line played well especially the left hand side.    Ohio State played a very smart game plan to make sure that Oliver does not beat them.  I expect this unit to gel and be able to open holes for Bo.

9. 9. I am going to hold off judgment on the secondary until I see more action.  Miller is a Heisman candidate and OSU has some players who can burn.  It was not a strong effort and I thought that Johnsons’ stock dropped some.  Regroup!

10. 10. So what the hell is it, UB or New York?  I would have thought the biggest game UB has played in the modern era that if Buffalo was going to rebrand itself, this game was the perfect stage.  I am confused.

I am already excited for next week.  I have to see the coaches put a game plan together to give this team a chance to win.  The 69 – 3 win by the Bears is not as impressive as first glance.  Still, Baylor has playmakers.  This should be a very interesting match-up.  I expect the love fest with Mack to continue next week by the reporters.