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Buffalo Bulls Records In The Books - Week 1

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

It was a better performance than most expected and several Bulls made moves in the UB Record books because of it. They are

Alex Neutz

Neutz pulled in 9 receptions for 98 yards including a touchdown that brought UB to within 10 points.

Category Now At Move Rank Next
Receptions 143 Tied Chris D’Amico T5 Kali Watkins (145)
Yards 2168 Passed Rusty Knapp 6 Brett Hamlin (2190)
TD 20 Passed D'Amico and Gasparre 2 Naaman Roosevelt (28)

Khalil Mack

Mack, who had the honor of having his name forgotten by Urban Meyer, made moves in the National record books and in UB's record books.

Category Now At Move Rank Next
TFL (NCAA) 60 Passed Jeremy Beal & Bruce Miller, 3 (NCAA) Dontay Moch (62)
Sacks (UB) 20.5 Passed Trevor Scott and Steven Means 3 (UB) Rich Dadabo (24)

Patrick Clarke

Clark had a quiet day but his two extra points moved him a little bit in the UB record books.

Category Now At Move Rank Next
Extra Points 40 Tied Bernie Weber 9 Dallas Pelz (42)