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Future Depth - Wide Receivers

It's never too early to start talking about next season is it?


Of all the skill positions on the team in a make or break position the Wide Receivers stand out the most. Among his starting wide receivers Coach Quinn has three seniors. Almost all of the receivers who will get significant work this season are gone by 2015. Six of the seven most used UB receivers are juniors or seniors. Marcus McGill is the only man among the group who will be here longer than next season.

Predicting receiving depth is particularly difficult because you need different "types" of receivers on the field. Alex Nuetz is our hands guy and Natey Adjei is supposedly a rocket which means Lee needs to step it up as a possession receiver.

But even if all that comes together and UB has their best seasons since 2008, or manage even better than they did that year, what about next season?

Probably Hughes, McGill, Dunmore and Dixon.

2013 2014 2015 2016
Alex Neutz - sr Marcus McGill - jr Marcus McGill - sr Malcolm Robinson - sr
Fred Lee - sr Devon Hughes - sr Malcolm Robinson - jr Jamarl Eiland - sr
Marcus McGill - so John Dunmore - sr Ron Willoughby - sr Boise Ross - sr
Natey Adjei - sr Cordero Dixon - sr Jordan Shay - sr Jacob Martinez - sr
Devon Hughes - jr Malcolm Robinson - so Ode Egharevba - sr
John Dunmore - jr Ron Willoughby - jr Jamarl Eiland - jr
Cordero Dixon - jr Jordan Shay - jr Boise Ross - jr
Malcolm Robinson - fr - r Ode Egharevba - jr Jacob Martinez - jr
Ron Willoughby - so Jamarl Eiland - so
Jordan Shay - so Boise Ross - so
Ode Egharevba - so Jacob Martinez - so
Jamarl Eiland - fr
Boise Ross - fr
Jacob Martinez -fr

Alex Neutz will obviously be the biggest loss after this season. He is already in the record books and has a fair chance at moving up quite a bit through the season.

His totals for last year were 65 receptions for 1,015 yards and 11 touchdowns. Neutz's 2013 season put him in the UB record books for yards (fourth), receptions (sixth), and touchdowns (second). The season secured Neutz a spot All-MAC Second Team last season and pushed him onto the Biletnikoff watch list this season.

Neutz will share the field with Fred Lee, Marcus Mcgill, and Natey Adjei. The latter two are both slated as the third starting receiver.  Lee caught 17 passes for 261 yards last season and a touchdown against Miami. McGill and Adjei played mostly special teams last season.

Hughes and Dixon have seen their time on the field. Hughes had a rather nice season last year pulling in 23 receptions for 228 yards, most fo that came against NIU where he was the lone bright spot for UB. Dixon has a more quiet 10 receptions for 96 yards on the season.

UB could have used Rudy Johnson who was dismissed from the team for taking a summer internship. But what's done is done and Jeff Quinn will now have to make due filling that role with one of the seven UB receivers who had no receptions last year.