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Friday Night Rant: Hustle Belt Dynamic Player Team Rankings


MAC East (overall) [Hustle Belt [Crowdsourced Record]
1) Bowling Green 865 points (3rd) [6-2]
2) Buffalo 825 points (4th) [2-6]
3) Ohio 708 points (5th) [8-0]
4) Miami 488 points (9th) [3-5]
5) Kent 448 points (10th) [4-4]
6) Umass 37 points (12th) [0-8]
7) Akron 15 points (13th) [1-7]

MAC West (overall)
1) Ball State 1299 (1st) [7-1]
2) Toledo 1101 (2nd) [6-2]
3) WMU 699 points (6th) [4-4]
4) NIU 614 (7th) [8-0]
5) CMU 599 (8th) [3-5]
6 EMU 233 (11th) [0-8]

Ball State - HBDPTR #1 - Vintage #MACtion

The marauders from Muncie are the most talented team as voted by Hustle Belt this year. They have 8 of the top 42 players in the MAC and all the major positions are represented. Toledo is the only other team to have two Wide Receivers in the top 68, Ball State has 2 receivers AND a tight end. Their highest ranked player is their #1 Receiver Willie Snead at #10, (position weight 4 x rank worth 59 = 236 points) and their highest scoring player on the HBDPTR scale is their rock at QB, Keith Wenning (position weight 6 x rank worth 56 = 336 points). With six offensive players on the top 68 list, but only 2 defensemen, both on the line, Ball State's secondary may be their weakness. Look to BSU for your classic MACtion shootout in 2013.

Toledo - HBDPTR #2 - Rocket Power

Toledo is the deepest team in the HBDPTR ranking with a conference leading 10 players in the top 68. They field a top player at every level of the depth chart except defensive line. That unheralded line will be put to the test against Jordan Lynch's Huskies, a game that may define the MAC west in 2013. Toledo is led by QB #25 Terrance Owens (6x44 = 264 points) who is supported by WR #8 Bernard Reedy (4x61 = 244) and RB #5 David Fluellen (3x64 = 192).

Bowling Green - HBDPTR #3 - Defense Wins Championships

BGSU is the best defense in the MAC and the HBDPTR represents that with 5 BGSU defenders in the top 68. BGSU is led by Linebacker Gabe Martin, (5x58 = 290) ranked #11. While the Hustle Belt crowd-source does not believe defense wins championships the HBDPTR does.

Buffalo - HBDPTR #4 - MACKtion?

Buffalo stands at #4, but they probably have one more player left to be revealed. As of now, UB benefits from having key players in valuable positions, it could all come together like a puzzle, or it could crumble under a weak foundation. The Hustlebelt crowd bet on crumble, predicting Buffalo finishes 2-6. UB is led at this point by #32 CB Najja Johnson (5x37 =185) and Wideout Alex Neutz ranked #14 (4x55 = 220).

Ohio - HBDPTR #5 - The Whole Is Greater

Picked to go undefeated, Ohio only has four players in the top 68. It is certainly possible that the team is better than every team in the MAC East despite a lack of star power. Ohio is led by Tyler Tettleton ranked #12, (6x57 = 342) and have a top ten Running Back #6 Beau Blankenship.

WMU- HBDPTR #6 - Bailing

I'm not sure if it's a good sign or a bad sign if a true sophomore is your best player, but if WMU had a non-boat related slogan this year it would be out with the old and in with the new. Jaime Wilson leads all Broncos at #23. The Broncos are picked to go 4-4 in conference and they have 5 players between 20 and 40 on the MAC player list. Three of four members of the Bronco secondary made the list, so look for WMU to make waves against BSU.

NIU - HBDPTR #7 - World On His Shoulders

With an Atlas-like QB waiting to be ranked, NIU currently stands at #7. Picked to go 8-0, NIU like Ohio could be a team that is better as a whole without having too many breakout stars. Four of the Five Huskies on the list are on the trenches including current team leader at #16 Tackle Tyler Loos (5x53 = 265).

CMU - HBDPTR #8 - Legends Of The Hidden Temple

CMU was the Temple Memorial Award winners in 2012 for best MAC team that never beat a MAC team with a winning record. Led by # 15 RB Zurlon Tipton (3x54 = 162) and #27 Wideout Titus Davis (4x27 = 168) the team does not have a QB on the list nor anyone in the defensive secondary. Not a good sign.

Miami - HBDPTR #9 - Back To The Future

MAC Championship QB, Bowl winning QB, 4 career starts, 4-0 record. Can he perform better than Dysert? Miami is held back by their QB (6x1 = 6), but if he returns to his 2010 form, Miami could play spoiler in the East.

Kent - HBDPTR #10 - Double Trouble

Kent most likely has two players in the top 5 which will improve their final ranking. They have two men in the secondary on the list, and will likely have 2 RBs on the list, the question is will their stars make as much of an impact competing against each other?

EMU - UMass - Akron - Power Outage

The score from these 3 teams combined is still last place. Hard times will continue