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Coach-a-bull - Former UB Coaches and where they have landed

Brian Mohnsen was a member of the Turner Gill staff who has a MAC Championship Ring to wear. Mohnsen coached the linebackers (2006) and defensive line (2007-09). When Turner Gill left for Kansas "Coach Moose" was one of Many Buffalo Coaches caught between two different regimes. Quinn wanted to bring his own people to Buffalo and the Jayhawks wanted a whole new staff. Worked out real well right?

Mohnsen had a hand in coaching two current Tampa Bay Bucs. Standout defensive ends Steve Means and Trevor Scott. He also helped mold CFL linebacker Ramon Guzman during his time at Buffalo.

Now Coach Mohnsen is in his third year as defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Southeast Missouri. The former Nebraska Husker coached linebacker Blake Peiffer, who was named to multiple All-America teams.

As a team, Southeast ranked second in the OVC in pass defense during Mohnsen’s first two years as defensive coordinator.The Redhawks gave up 244.8 yards per game through the air last season. Southeast also finished third in the conference in turnover margin (+7) during the 2012 campaign.