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Road to Columbus - Jake Silas

Welcome to:

Portland, Michigan

Population -
Home Of

Jake Silas

Miles Traveled

8 1 9 7

2013 UB Football





Miles Away From UB Stadium 924
Miles Until UB at Ohio State 348

Year: JR

Position: OL

High School: Portland

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Brought to you by Wiki: Shortly after their arrival the settlers Elisha Newman askedAbram Hixon who was visiting us to go with him to a town meeting. When it came to handing in the names there were so many that it staggered the assembly. The names suggested were Johnstown, Jamestown, Boguetown, Boyerville and Newmanville. During the silence which followed, Abram Hixon said to Newman , "Why not call it Portland? I think that's a nice name." "Suggest it". Newman then said the name of Portland had been suggested to him and he thought it very appropriate as there certainly was a fine landing where all the passing boats stopped. All present were pleased with the name and so Portland was named.

2010 - Redshirt

2011 - Mainly a member of the scout team and depth player but Silas did make it into one game.

2012 - Played in five games as a backup for Gokhan Ozkan.

2013 Outlook - Silas has his chance to prove himself since Gokhan Ozcan graduated, coming out of the spring Silas is ahead of Bobby Blodgett as UB's starting right tackle.

Nickname: The 6-7 Silas has added more than 50 pounds since getting to Buffalo so I am going go with "Beefcake"... or the Spanish version "Macho"