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Road To Columbus - Rynearson Stadium

Jamie Sabau

Welcome to:

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Population - 19,621
Home Of

Eastern Michigan University

Enrollment - 23,419
Public, Non-AAU

Rynearson Stadium


via Jamie Sabau

Miles Traveled


2013 UB Football





Miles Away From UB Stadium


Miles Until UB at Ohio State


Year: 45, Opened 1969

Capacity: 30,200

Naming Rights: Named for Elton J. Rynearson, EMU player and coach for 26 years.

UB Stadium Cost: 23 million, 36.6 million in 2013 dollars,

Rynearson Stadium Cost: 1.4 million, 8.9 million in 2013 dollars.

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Stadium Journey Fanfare Score:



UB is 0-5 against EMU all time including losses at Rynearson in 2001 (20-24), 2004 (34-37), and 2011 (17-30)

At UB Stadium, EMU won in 2005 (14-38) and 2010 (17-21)

2010 Highlights: Dwayne Priest gained 192 yards on 35 carries and scored 3 times to lead EMU to victory. Jerry Davis hit Marcus Rivers and Ed Young with TD passes but down 4 for the entire 4th quarter, UB was unable to take the lead at home.

2011 Highlights: Oliver ran for 134 yards including a 68 yard score to give the Bulls a 17-16 lead with 21 minutes to play. From that point, UB's defense allowed 161 yards and two scores over 25 plays while UB's offense managed only 12 yards on 19 plays. EMU won 30-17.

2013 Outlook: A battle of hot seats, English 10-38 (21%), 7-25 (22%) vs Quinn 9-27 (25%), 6-18 (25%). Winner gets the Ontario Sandwich, Loser might find a pink slip on their desk.

Players To Watch: Bronson HIll is a real threat at running back, and Tyler "Beamer" Benz "or Bentley" returns at QB.