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Last Bull In 2013 Episode 2

Tim "Bull in Exile" Riordan, Conrad "Bull_Trojan" Mostiller and David "BrandedBull" Brand discuss the 2012-13 year before next weeks focused Ohio State Preview.

1:14 minutes: Next week we'll honor our 1 hr time slot.

0:00 Intro & David's mainly positive thoughts on the Buffalo News

2:10 Does Hakuna Licata mean no worries at QB? Do we want to see Zordich playing or a QB committee?

11:10 Will we see a #2 WR target

13:45 Will BO shoulder the running load or see more help in 2013?

17:50 Thoughts on the Offensive line

20:52 Does no Steven mean a hole in the defensive line?

25:00 Adam Redden and Khalil Mack

27:30 Is UB's secondary better than 2008?

33:13 How good is Najja Johnson?

37:00 Will we beat Stony Brook? And other 2013 Schedule Questions.

43:00 Million Dollar Baby? Do you like payout games?

50:40 The Evolution of Quinn as coach


1:06:33 Surprise Win of the Year

1:08:20 Most Disappointing Loss

1:09:25 Breakout Surprise

1:10:56 Blank will happen in 2013

1:11:52 BrandedBull's Danny White Report Card

Check out the LBI crew as they discuss each football position, the schedule, the talent cliff and the crew makes a few predictions.

LBI will stream live at Midnight Eastern, or if you don't want to see how the sausage is made, tune in Friday afternoon for the edited replay show.