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Ten Questions Answered that you Needed to Know about Ohio State

Matt Brown. The Big Cheese at Land-Grant Holy Land, the SB Nation Site for Ohio State answered ten questions about the upcoming game, Coach, and more!

Jamie Sabau

Thank you Matt for taking the time to give UB Bull fans your perspective on this New York UB whatever our name is now vs. OSU game and your outlook for the season.

What do you expect to occur and what will be the final score?

I certainly expect the Buckeyes to eventually win by a fairly lopsided score, although there is some precedent for having a somewhat slow start (Miami OH led 3-0 after the 1st quarter last season, and should have led by more before falling 56-10). I think Buffalo is a little better than last year's Redhawk squad, but this year's OSU team, especially on offense, is a lot more skilled. The early lines I'm seeing have OSU around 35ish point favorites. I don't know what the final score will be, but I think there is a pretty good chance they cover.

2.  Do you think that OSU has to run up to score to compete against weak schedule talk and send a message in the first week of football?

There might be a little pressure, but I'm not sure how much more impressed the world is going to be if we beat Buffalo by 21 or 45, you know? It's far more important for the Buckeyes to execute and acclimate some of their younger talent at the skills positions, linebacker, and along the defensive line. Ideally, that leads to a blowout. Certainly beating teams by 3, 5 points isn't ideal, but I don't think Meyer is going to, say, leave Braxton in late in the 4th quarter just so he can get that "screw you" TD.

3.   How has the fans taken to Coach?  Winning helps I assume.

To Meyer? Fans love him, and they've loved this coaching decision immediately after it happened. There is still a lot of affection on campus for Tressel and his era,  but fans are sophisticated enough to know how lucky we are to have such a great offensive innovator and recruiter at OSU. I can't think of anybody else who'd be a better fit.

4.   Any nerves over the number of players not playing against Buffalo?

Not really, no. That's not really a slight on Buffalo, it's more of a reflection on the depth that OSU has in a lot of places. The Buckeyes are legitimately five or six deep at RB, and getting a chance to give carries to people like Warren Ball or Ezekiel Elliot could be very beneficial down the line. Would I prefer it if Bradley Roby was playing? Sure, but let's be honest here. If one team is favored by 30+, one player is not likely to make a HUGE difference. If Hyde, Roby etc are out for chunks of B1G play, I'd be more concerned.

5.  Coaches legacy may has a slight blemish with the record of players disciplined especially what happened in New England this summer.  Is it a big concern or is it Just Win Baby?

I think trying to tie Meyer to anything that happened with Hernandez is beyond ridiculous  and totally unfair. Charges in the Roby incident were just dropped, and video evidence exonerated Carlos Hyde, which is just another reason why fans shouldn't jump to conclusions for these stories. Other off the field...extracurriculars this season were unfortunate, but not out of line with other major schools. Given how Meyer has handled discipline since he's been at Ohio State, I don't think it would be fair or accurate to say he hasn't been tough on his team. Hyde and Roby were suspended WITHOUT any criminal charges, after all, and he's kicked multiple guys off the team for first time offenses.

6.  Is this season BCS or bust?

I don't necisarrily think it's BCS Title Game or bust, but not making a BCS BOWL would be a major disappointment. I think OSU has a real chance to compete for a national title game, but if they say, drop a game, make it to the Rose Bowl, and beat Stanford, I wouldn't consider this season a bust by any means.

7.   What is your prediction for the season?

Personally, I think OSU drops a game SOMEWHERE, but beats Oregon or Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

Back to the UB game

8.  Where will UB just be dominated and what area can UB have some traction?

Buffalo might be able to get some early traction in the running game (OSU's front 7 is VERY talented, but also fairly green), and the Buckeyes did struggle a little with special teams last season. When it comes to team speed and depth though, not to mention OSU's strengths in the secondary and at QB, it will be very hard to compete.

9.  Can you tip us off to a player or two we should key in on that has a great chance of one day playing on Sunday's?

Bradley Roby is probably a 1st round draft pick this season. Don't throw at him. Ryan Shazier at linebacker is a favorite to win B1G defensive player of the year. Avoid him too.

10.  One thing you want UB to know about this game?

Ohio State is more than just Urban Meyer. This is a team with a talented and physical secondary, a tackling machine at one of their linebackers, a defensive line that while green, has the potential to be an elite unit in the B1G, an experienced offensive line, and a boatload of fast players at RB and WR. The Buckeyes can hurt you in a variety of ways outside of XBrax360 doing his thing, so Buffalo will need to force a few turnovers and catch some breaks to keep this close.