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Road To Columbus - Natey Adjei

Natey Adjei, With Permission

Welcome to:

Mississauga, Ontario

Population -
Home Of

Natey Adjei

Miles Traveled

7 6 7 4

2013 UB Football



1 3


Miles Away From UB Stadium 89
Miles Until UB at Ohio State 1447

Year: SR

Position: WR

High School: St. Joseph’s

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Brought to you by Wiki: Initially developed as a suburb of Toronto, Mississauga's growth is attributed to its proximity to that city. It is the largest suburb in Anglo-America by population.  However, as the city ran out of vacant lands, the city shifted its focus to building a full-fledged downtown core while shaping its new identity as a distinct city from Toronto.

2012 - Earned a spot on kick coverage for the final seven games of the season and managed to get a carry against Massachusetts

2013 Outlook - Adjei is one of three receivers trying to help compliment Alex Neutz. He is a speedster that might make defenses think twice about blanketing Neutz.

Nickname: Mississauga Missle