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Road To Columbus - Jordan Johnson

Welcome to:

Amherst, New York

Population - 122,366

Home Of

Jordan Johnson

Miles Traveled

7 5 7 5

2013 UB Football



1 6


Miles Away From UB Stadium 2
Miles Until UB at Ohio State 1546

Year: FR

Position: FB

High School: Sweet Home

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Brought to you by Wiki: Areas within Amherst are referred to by the former post office station names and are not legally incorporated. During the 1990s, many of these regional post offices were closed and consolidated into the central Amherst 14226 post office on Bailey avenue

2012 - Used a red shirt

2013 Outlook - Shaping up to be UB's H back. Johnson is way too talented to sit behind the stable of backs UB has so Quinn has had him beefing up.

Nickname: Sweet Home Thunder