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Hustle Belt Dynamic Player Rankings: Final

Buffalo - Ball State the rematch 5 years and a few coaches in the making. UB's big 3 on offense and their opportunistic defense face off against Ball State's highly touted QB and their unstoppable offensive machine. Deja Vu all over again.

Buffalo fans can only hope the (mostly senior) talent lives up to their reputation in the MAC and produces a trip to Ford Field. In the meantime, we'll see Ball State fans in their nightmares.

MAC East

1) Buffalo 1155 points - The addition of Khalil Mack put Buffalo in first place and 2nd overall.
2) Kent 900 points - Nix at #4 and Archer at #2 gives Kent the best offense/defense duo in the MAC
3) BGSU 865 points - Suffered from only 1 top 20 athlete, possibly a bias against defense
4) Ohio 708 points
5) Miami 488 points
6) Umass 37 points
7) Akron 15 point

MAC West

1) Ball State 1299 - Holds off NIU with 4 quality top-20 players
2) Toledo 1101 - Finishes in 2nd due to 10 top 68 players, most in the MAC.
3) NIU 1022 - Surges to 3rd with the help of Jordan Lynch, we'll see if this poll underestimates his impact, or if his impact will be lessened in 2013.
4)WMU 699 points
5) CMU 599
6 EMU 233