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Western Michigan Running Back Tevin Drake arrested

File this under players who may be off the team by the time they play Buffalo.


WMU running back Tevin Drake was arrested on Aug. 1 by the Brooksville (Fla.) Police Department, and is suspended "indefinitely" from the football team. What did he do?

Drake was charged with domestic battery, resisting with violence, resisting without violence and battery of a law enforcement officer, according to a Brooksville Police Department.


When the police arrived at the scene of a reported battery Drake became uncooperative and combative as he pushed an officer out of a doorway before fleeing on foot. After a 20-minute foot pursuit Drake returned to the original residence and resisted officers, who used a Taser to subdue Drake before transporting him to the Hernando County Jail, where he is held without bond.

Ok so Drake, being a running back, decides to show the cops how fast he can do laps, I get that. He the is nice enough to head back to the cops, after presumably running them ragged. The he resists?

What did Coach "Row your boat" Fleck have to say?

"He made a very very poor choice. I am so proud of his progress he had made up until that decision. We hadn’t had one issue with Tevin in seven months. He really bought into this program, but it shows one decision can truly turn around your entire future. I think it’s important for our football program to see that, even with an elite player like himself. It’s not like he was some guy that never played and it’s easy to get rid of him. We’re going to suspend him indefinitely." -- " Fleck said.

Wait.... He was making progress to this point? Seriously?

It's a shame anytime someone throws away a free ride to school. While I am not a big fan of pay for play I could easily get behind a program to pay for summer dorms the keep some of these kids from troubled streets away from situations like the ones Drake found himself in.

As an aside Coach Fleck mentioned he has "elite conversations" with Drake... What the heck is an Elite conversation? Is PJ Fleck that good of a conversationalist?