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Bull Run taking a stab at Fútbol

All the cool kids are doing it...

Jasper Juinen

Over the past few years I have reached out several time for niche sport coverage. People who follow non revenue sports may be a small subset of the overall fan base but they are passionate. Wrestling, Soccer, and Tennis wonks are always in demand here so when Hustle Belt asked of a Buffalo Men's soccer preview I went to the twitter verse looking for help because honestly I don't get soccer.

This time the intwewebs did their thing and Bull Run may have the future of Buffalo Soccer coverage.

Soccer is an international phenomenon and Zakaria Boucetta is our international man of mystery! Born in Montreal Canada from Portuguese Moroccan parents he was bred to love soccer! He had to overcome the fact that Canada, much like the US, is sort of a soccer DMZ. There are pockets of fans but in Canada it's Hockey.

When he moved to tangier, a small town on the coast of morocco where "football" was king he was exposed to the elite leagues that included teams from Barcelona or Madrid. Being neighbors to one of the biggest football leagues in the world he was also exposed to rabid soccer fans.

He adopted the Real Madrid team who's major star, Luis Figo, hailed from his mothers home town. He captained Portugal through what was the golden generation of talent in our depth pool. Coming from 11 million people, Portuguese fans were one of the proudest during Figo tenure as captain. And I was one of them. Now, with Cristiano Ronaldo following his footsteps and playing for Real Madrid he still maintains a connection to the club.

Now A UB architecture student has has added UB to the stable of "home town teams" he supports. So please welcome Zakaria while he get's his feet wet in the shark tank of blogging.

Honestly it took everything i had to get through that without a hooligan joke