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AAC... One of Us!

The American conference is discovering very quickly what people think of the G5. While some of their members were dismissive of the complains lodged by non-aq conferences in the past they now bristle at the treatment.

Great just what the world needed, another Occupy event. You know "Occupy THIS" has become the new "THIS-gate". A way to try and attach real meaning to an otherwise insignificant event.

For example, have you heard of "Occupy Stanford"?

Well the AQ conferences used to have their very own special blog on the ESPN website. There was one for the Big Ten, the 12, the PAC, the SEC, the ACC, and even the mighty Big East. But the Big East, as we knew it, is now gone and the football components that remain are somewhat diminished.

Lost recently were Pitt, West Virginia, Louisville, Rutgers, and Syracuse. Throw in the teams that were lost in the middle of the last decade like Virgina Tech and Florida State Miami and you have yourself a pretty good conference. What's left is Cincinnati, UConn, South Florida, and a mess of CUSA castoffs. Oh yea and they took Temple back after they achieved mediocrity in the MAC.

AAC fans have taken to an #OccupyStanford movement. American conference readers with interests in the are on ESPN's Stanford football blog commenting and discussing the decision to shut down the American Athletic blog.

Many believe because they have a media deal with ESPN the blog should be maintained. Ignoring that ESPN has had other conferences in the fold without them. Was there a CUSA blog when that conference was a member? Where is the MAC blog?

Maybe this works? maybe the entitlement midset of a bunch of schools with no resemblance at all to a power conference pulls out an ESPN blog. I mean who does not want to know the inner workings of Tulane's spring camp. I'm sure it draws just as well as coverage of Louisville or Pitt did.

Get over it American fan's. Your one of us now?