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Road To Columbus - Okezie Alozie

Welcome to:

Bethlehem, PA

Population - 74,982
Home Of

Okezie Alozie



Miles Traveled

5 0 6 7

2013 UB Football



5 5


Miles Away From UB Stadium


Miles Until UB at Ohio State


Year: Sophomore

Position: Defensive Back

High School: Freedom High School

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Brought to you by Wiki: Buffalo and Bethlehem will always be linked by Bethlehem Steel. The company based in Bethlehem, PA bought and operated Lackawanna Steel in Lackawanna. For both cities steel was a booming industry until international competition eroded the domestic steel market. Lackawanna Steel closed in 1982, and after 140 years, Bethlehem Steel closed metal production in Bethlehem in 1995.

2012 Highlights: As a true freshman, played in 10 games registering 5 tackles.

2013 Outlook: Alozie is slated to backup Adam Redden in the flex Outside Linebacker spot. Look for Alozie to continue to contribute on special teams and fill in at LB and DB as needed.

Nickname (I Just Made Up): "Future"