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Will the Real UB please step up?

So EA Sports has altered their NCAA14 game in hopes of "Keeping it real". How close are they?


I was this close to making due with my copy of NCAA13, but then I had a chance to see some of the game play enhancements.

Those changes put me on the fence as to whether or not to drop 50$. How different would Buffalo be? That could push me over the fence into buying the game.

So EA Sports has all of their offensive and defensive unit rating published, what do they have for Buffalo?

Team Overall Offense Defense
Toledo 81 84 78
Ball State 79 86 73
Buffalo 79 81 78
NIU 79 83 78
Ohio 79 83 76
Bowling Green 74 75 75
Kent State 74 75 75
Central Michigan 72 72 71
Miami (OH) 72 74 71
Western Michigan 72 74 71
Eastern Michigan 65 68 65
Akron 63 61 65
UMass 61 61 65

Not bad, not bad at all. It seems like everyone is jumping on the UB Bowling train lately. Kinda makes you wonder if White's offer of a contract extention had some wisdom behind it? Is Buffalo about to break through?

Let me know what you think? The author of the best comment will have a chance to help reinceforce teir views in a follow up post.