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NCAA 14 Running Game steps it up...

It's no longer like playing Tecmo-Bowl with batter graphics.

I used to love Tecmo Bowl, when I was 10. Being in the fourth grade the simplistic method of moving the ball was appealing. What snot nosed kid could not spend hours dropping his QB back 30-50 yards and then hurling the ball for a Touchdown.

While football games have gotten a bit more realistic in recent years the ability to throw the ball 100% of the time and win has always irked me. I've grown to like teams that pound the ball at the line 30 times a game. But in most console football games that has not worked out too well.

NCAA 14 though has made serious changes to the way the running game works.

The speed burst will make backs like Oliver, Bowling balls, far more effective tools in the game and I am looking forward to playing out a UB season with a run first team. Maybe I can match the 11-3 that we are seeing in the sims.