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99 for 99: The Timeline

99 or so articles later, I hope we all appreciate the deep history of UB Football, and the chance to make even more history in 2013. I hope you enjoyed reading the 99 for 99 as much as I enjoyed researching and writing them. I want to thank Branded Bull and Tim for their help as I worked on this project for a year.

So what's next for me? Well the Road to 2013 will start next week, so that will keep me busy until kickoff. Once the season starts, I hope to revamp the Pregame and Postgame meals, I enjoyed writing those and I want to do them even better this year, especially as I hope I will be writing more Heroes posts than Goats. I hopefully will get a place for my green screen again, and I can crank out some more amateur videos, I dont know if anyone enjoys them as much as I enjoy making them, but as I said, I enjoy them so I'm just gonna keep doing them.

Finally, I will be at Baylor week 2 messin' with Texas, and unless RG4 is QB, I think we can walk out of there with a win. I might still be able to make it to Ohio St for week 1, and I really want to make it back to UB Stadium this year, so I hope to see all the True Blue Believers some time this fall! Thanks again for reading.