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Road To Columbus - Albert McCoy

Welcome to:

St. Petersburg, FL

Population - 244,997
Home Of

Albert McCoy



Miles Traveled

2 9 9 4
2013 UB Football


UB Stadium


UB at Ohio St.


Year: Redshirt Freshman

Position: Defensive Back

High School: Gibbs

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Today we travel across the bridge to Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. Gibbs is home to a QB that revolutionized the game, Shaun King, who was one of the first QB's to play the Spread Option under QB Coach Rich Rodriguez at Tulane. UB fans are hoping Gibbs will be known for a player who can STOP the Spread Option; 6'4" 276 pound defensive end Albert McCoy.

2012 Highlights: With Means, Way and Cahill, McCoy was able to redshirt to save a year of eligibility.

2013 Outlook: Although UB will replace both defensive ends, McCoy is still not slated in the top 6. If McCoy can impress the coaches however, he might find himself on the field to spell Bachtelle or Way as both players are very close to McCoy's height and size.

Nickname (I just made up): "The Real"