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Road To Columbus - Alexander Small

Welcome to:

Reseda, CA

Population - 68,392
Home Of

Alexander Small



Miles Traveled

0 3 3 1
2013 UB Football


UB Stadium


UB at Ohio St.


Year: Sophomore

Position: Defensive Back

High School: Chaminade

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Reseda Wiki-Facts

Reseda in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, or just the Valley, is a nice community of the Greater Los Angeles area, north of the 101, south of the 118 and just west of the 405. For 80's kids like me, it is known as the place where the original Karate Kid moved to.

Chaminade has a few notable alumni including: Growing Pains' Tracey Gold, Logan Paulsen of the Washington Redskins, and Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

2012 Highlights: Alex walked-on to the Bulls in 2012 and despite the AP crediting him with a missed tackle that resulted in a touchdown, I can assure you he did not, as he was redshirted for 2012.

2013 Outlook: UB's defensive backfield was a big weakness in 2012, but the trial by fire should result in a very strong secondary led by Lester, Johnson, Sherry and Brimn. Small would have almost no chance to play this year if Kylie Minniefield returned, but he did not, so look for Small to compete for time on Special Teams. Hopefully Small can make a big impact, like the punt block and return that saved UB against UMass last year.

Nickname (I just made up): Dr. Hollywood

Although I try to never venture north of the 101, I am claiming Small as the 2nd unofficial member of the Conrad Southern California UB Recruiting Pipeline. By moving to SoCal and wearing UB gear everywhere I have opened up awareness of UB that will eventually led to a mass influx of Southern California talent.